Finding The Most Powerful Hardwood Floor Vacuum

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A Comprehensive Shopper’s Guide

Hardware floors require special attention when it comes to regular cleaning. Since they’re vulnerable to scuffs, scratches and retting, it becomes difficult for homeowners to maintain them in a neat and tidy state.

You can’t use just about any device for this job. Using a fast and heavy vacuum cleaner (the one that includes abrasive brushes) on delicate hardwood floors leave them in a bruised condition!

Finding the most powerful hardwood floor vacuum is a challenging task for most customers. You need to find a quick, lightweight, efficient and easily maneuverable device.

You should be able to use it without straining your different body parts. Besides, sorting through all the reviews or ratings is a boring and time-consuming task.

If you find yourself in a similar condition, just take a look at the aforementioned points before you decide to hit the market.

Features Of An Ideal Vacuum Cleaner

  • It should pick up minute particles like bread crumbs and pet hair, debris as well as large garbage from different surfaces.
  • It should easily get rid of spills and spots on carpets, floors and upholstery.
  • It should be geared towards pet owners, senior citizens, kids and hypersensitive individuals.
  • You should go for advanced handheld, bag-less models that come with HEPA filters to prevent dust and microbe contamination.

Things To Consider When Shopping

  1. High prices do not promise good quality! No matter how expensive a widget is, even the trendiest ones fail to perform at times. It would be better if you consider both expensive as well as low-priced models.
  2. Visit online websites like Amazon, Sears, Best Buy or eBay to dig up information on top 10 vacuum cleaners. If you feel like spending a small amount of cash, you can pay $26 to subscribe for online Consumer Reports. Visit the forum to read reviews, complaints and issues related to gadgets and home supplies.
  3. Stop by local retail outlets to gain first-hand experience. Inspect the top 10 models to verify their features. Review their accessories and ask for trials. Use them on a smaller area first. This way, you’ll learn to operate it.
  4. Investigate its each individual feature. Check the length of its hose, find out whether manufacturers are offering any attachments, turn the roller brushes on and off to test their performance and ask whether the brand offers any extensions or extra accessories.
  5. Shortlist the best canister, bag-less, stick and robotic models. Compare their features and calculate the costs. Check whether their characteristics are worth all the money or not.

Now, you’re all prepared to buy vacuum cleaners for your hardwood floors.

Hottest Picks Of This Month

  • Bissell Versus Bare Floor Vacuum
  • SEBO C2.1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sanitaire Commercial SC5845 Bag-less HEPA vacuum cleaner
  • Hoover S3765-040 WindTunnel
  • Hoover S2220 Flair Bag-less Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle
  • Miele S4212 Neptune
  • Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer
  • Kenmore Progressive 25615

Extra Tips

Make sure that your vacuum includes soft edge cleaning bristles to allow carpet cleaning alongside floor cleaning. This saves your time and efforts.

Vacuums are prone to breaking during deliver. Therefore, you must look for extended warranties and easy replacements. Remember to keep all the receipts with you, in case you require a replacement in future.

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors And Pet Hair

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hardwood-and-pet-hairYour beautiful, elegant and durable hardwood floors are definitely an asset to your home. However, like all good things require maintenance, so does the hardwood flooring in your home. They require regular cleaning and care to prevent deterioration and also to keep dirt and pet hair at bay.

But, not to worry! To maintain the sheen and polish on your flooring, you simply need to follow an easy, regular cleaning routine to get rid of all the dirt and debris that keeps accumulating on the surfaces of the floor. With a good vacuum cleaner in your arsenal, you can get this job done most efficiently and quickly.

Characteristics of a Good Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Today the market is floored with so many models of vacuum cleaners, so choosing the best hardwood vacuum cleaner can be quite a daunting task. Not all vacuum cleaners are designed to function well on hardwood floors, so it’s first important to determine your need and functionality requirements.

When you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner, you need to choose one that is both flexible and powerful enough to remove all dirt without causing any scratches or damages to the hardwood floor. Moreover, if you have pets at home, needless to say, cleaning becomes even more difficult. Hence, some of the features you may need to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner are light-weight, portability, long attachments, accessories, and excellent suctioning power.

Canister or Upright?

Canister vacuum cleaners have clearly an edge over upright vacuum cleaners, the former being more light-weight, making it easier to maneuver. Moreover, canister models have rubber wheels, and hence prevent it from causing scratches to the floor. You might also consider a less powerful stick vacuum that can easily go under any furniture and cabinets, thus, making cleaning more convenient and hassle-free.

Keeping in mind all the key points mentioned above, some of the best hardwood floor and pet hair vacuum cleaners are-

  1. Hoover Linx Cordless – This sleek, light-weight cordless vacuum cleaner works great on pet hair and does not have the hassle of a cord. It is powered by Hoovers Fade Free Lithium-Ion battery and comes with a charger. This vacuum cleaner does a remarkable job of sucking up all the dirt, dust and even delicate pet hairs sticking on to the surfaces of hardwood floor. This portable stick vacuum has a low base profile and is capable of cleaning even the toughest spaces and hence, promises a high quality floor cleaning.
  2. Electrolux UltraSilencer Canister Vacuum EL6986A – This vacuum cleaner is a good choice- it is light-weight, easy to maneuver, compact for easy storage and offers ultra-silent cleaning and a great suction power. This canister vacuum comes with various attachments and does a fantastic job of cleaning hard wood floors, especially with pet hair. Electrolux is, undoubtedly, one of the best vacuums currently available for meeting the requirements of hard flooring and pet owners.
  3. Miele S4212 Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner – This light-weight, quiet canister vacuum offers an excellent performance, durability and a very strong suction power. Moreover, it is equipped with an efficient filtration system such as HEPA filter and a retractable cord, making it definitely one of the best vacuum cleaners you need to watch out for. This vacuum does a fantastic job and sucks up all the dirt, dust, pet hair, cast food etc leaving your hardwood flooring spotlessly clean. All in all- a top quality product with solid performance makes this vacuum a must-buy for everyone.

With the right vacuum cleaner in hand, keeping your hardwood floor to a sparkling luster will be a breeze. Hence, it’s important that you spend time doing your research, going through customer reviews and down-listing your options before finding your ideal vacuum cleaner. This way you can save your time, energy and from all the hassles in the long run!

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Carpets

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Keeping your hardwood floor and carpet off dust and debris requires a good vacuum cleaner for the work. A vacuum cleaner is a machine that uses an air pump to create a vacuum that picks up dust and dirt from surfaces. The vacuum cleaners exist in a variety of sizes and models. Each size and model is ideal for cleaning up different surfaces.

Upright vacuum cleaners have a handle and a rotating brush roll or beater bar which removes dirt by sweeping and vibration. In selecting the best device for cleaning your hardwood floor, the following are some important factors to consider. A good vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor should have a no marking rubber wheel as hardwood floors are easily scratched by plastics wheels. It should not scratch the delicate hardwood or scatter the dust particles and debris. The bristles of the device should be soft to allow extra care to the delicate floor. It should also have a strong suction to remove dirt usually stuck in between the tightly intertwined boards.

It is also important to consider whether you require a bagged or the no bag device. The bagged devices come with a dust bag where dust is deposited after collection and the dust bag seals itself immediately it is removed, this however calls for buying of dust bags. This offers the advantage of not having to come into contact with the dust. With the bagless device, the dust is deposited in a dust bin which is later emptied.

There are devices that come with standard attachments which include a crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces, a dusting brush and an upholstery tool. This offers the advantage of extra services at no extra cost and should be at an advantage for any user.

For a device to clean up your carpet choose one that is able to pick up even the smallest of particles from the carpet. It should have a rotating brush that allow for deep cleaning of fluffy carpets.

There are also cordless stick vacuum which have rechargeable batteries. These are usually lightweight and offer the convenience of being easy to use. The corded vacuums use up electricity and the length of the cord should be long enough to allow for cleaning of large areas without the need of changing sockets every now and then.

A device with different handles and with an option for folding the handles when shifting from one surface to another offer the advantage of being able to clean both the hardwoods and the carpets by folding the roller not in use at the given time. This saves on the cost of buying two devices. Some have detachable brushes which allows switch when cleaning different surfaces.

The price of the device should also be taken into consideration. A cheap device may come with additional cost of short life and unsatisfactory service. Cheap should thus not be the only consideration in your selection. The device should also have a sound quitter to minimize noise emission during the cleaning process. Don’t forget to check out for more tips on vacuuming hardwood floors.

Best Cordless Vacuum For Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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When you invest in a beautiful, high-quality and expensive hardwood floor, you would obviously want it to stay neat and sparkling for a long time. It’s important to clean your hardwood floors at least thrice a week. Therefore, you might need suitable equipment for regular cleaning jobs. Since hardwood floors are vulnerable to scratches, nicks and spots, it’s very difficult to use a full-size canister vacuum cleaner on it.

Most hardwood owners prefer a cordless, handheld models since it’s practical and convenient to handle. What’s more? It can easily pick up minute dinner crumbs, loose debris or fine pet hair from different surfaces. So, rather than investing your precious bucks in heavy upright models, let’s opt for cordless vacuum cleaners.

Wondering how to shop for these devices? You needn’t worry! Just go through the next couple of paragraphs to find helpful tips on buying the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.

Things To Consider

  1. Before venturing out into the market, it’s important that you determine the nature of your job. Decide whether you’ve to use it on daily or weekly basis. Think whether you want to use it on wooden floors or on carpets and furniture as well. Accordingly, prepare a list of features that you want in your vacuum cleaners.
  2. If you seek a device for spot cleaning, handheld models will suffice. Nevertheless, if you wish to have a widget for regular floor maintenance, you must go for the cordless stick vacuums. Pick up minute crumbs on the floor using a bag-less model. Contrary to this, if you’ve a weird fetish for daily cleaning, moping and washing, just go for heavy, wired models.
  3. Check out online websites to read reviews of different brands. In order to gain first-hand experience, it’s recommended that you must visit local outlets and demand for a trial offer. Compare the weight, ease of usability, performance, battery life, accessories, storage capacity and engineering of different products to shortlist the best ones.
  4. Compare the suction power of different devices to rate their performances. These devices include compact motors that operate on a unique mechanism. Hence, you need to pay special attention to the design and technology used for manufacturing them.
  5. Compare the quality of accessories offered by various companies. You should opt for gadgets that feature soft brushes, movable nozzles, large dirt-bags and brush-roll heads. They’re efficient at picking up dirt and are capable of storing it for a longer time.
  6. Lastly, compare the charging time and battery backup of the models. Cordless vacuums hardly last for 15 to 20 minutes, which is more than sufficient to remove debris from your floors but you would want a long-lasting device if you’re living in a large-sized house.

Now that you’ve already established the type of cleaners you require, better check out these wonderful widgets.

Best Cordless Models

  • iRobot Roomba
  • Black & Decker 18V Pivoting Hand Vacuum
  • Black & Decker 14.4V CHV 1400 Cyclonic Dust-Buster
  • The Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum
  • Hoover Platinum BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum
  • Electrolux EL1024A Ergorapido
  • Dyson D31

Alternate Options

Those of you who live in a majestic mansion require a powerful, better and long-lasting alternative for their home interiors. You should get “vacpans” installed in your homes. These are pre-programmed centralized vacuum systems that suck up dirt from the rooms! They’re easier, effective and much affordable than normal vacuums.

Most Powerful Suction Canister Vacuum For Wood Flooring

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A powerful canister vacuum cleaner ranks top on the list of most desired home appliances. Contrary to what most homeowners think, the suction power and performance of canister vacuums don’t depend on the horsepower, amps or watts associated with the device. Although these values notify you about average power consumed by the device yet, they don’t tell you anything about its suction power.

If you’re seeking the most powerful suction canister vacuum for wood flooring, you might want to consider the following factors.

  • Inspect the cleaning swath or the area inside the dirt-bag. This is where the widget stores all the garbage. Larger the cleaning swath, stronger the vacuum will be.
  • Determine your cleaning requirements before purchasing a machine. The type of surface on which you plan to use your canister vacuums clearly affects its performance. Canister vacuums are proficient at cleaning bare hardwood floors.
  • Compare the HEPA filters, cyclonic action and engineering used in different models. Vacuums that have preinstalled HEPA filters are powerful, long-lasting and efficient at picking up dust, debris, fine particles and other knick knacks.

What Do Customers Want?

While surveying the market, we came across the weirdest shopping trends. Shoppers mainly opt for canister vacuums available at extreme high or low ends, in terms of price range. They either choose high-tech expensive models that include allergen controlling units or stick to basic inexpensive devices for regular cleaning jobs, probably because it’s hard to find an affordable and equally powerful vacuum somewhere in the middle.

Top Choices

  1. Dirt Devil Bag-less Canister Model: This incredible device is based on micro-fresh filtration technology that effectively locks away dust, allergens and microbes. It includes a range of special accessories such as bare-floor brushes, carpet nozzles and other on-board tools for cleaning different surfaces.
  2. Electrolux Harmony: This machine comes with a powerful, quick and soundproof motor however, it lacks a dirt bag. It works well on bare wood floors, furniture, carpets, stairs and upholstery, keeping all the dust and allergens away from home. What’s more? It features a washable HEPA H12 filter with lifetime warranty. Cool, isn’t it?
  3. Miele Plus Compact Canister Vacuum: Being expensive than most other brands, compact canisters manufactured by Miele are known for excellent filtration, powerful suction, good quality and long-lasting batteries. They’re especially useful for homes with playful pets, hypersensitive senior citizens, tiny toddlers and careless husbands.
  4. Sanyo PowerBoy: This lightweight vacuum barely weighs 7 bounds. It includes a solid 10-amp motor, wide air-driven turbo brushes, disposable paper bags and reusable cloth bags for domestic cleaning. They work on different settings and you can easily switch between “bare-floor” and “rug” modes, as per your requirements.
  5. Eureka Mighty Mite: This lightweight, portable and inexpensive gadget works beautifully on the carpets and bare floor. Due to its powerful suction and quick timing, it’s beneficial for college dorms and apartments.

Other than these, you may check out Hoover’s Windtunnel S3670 anniversary edition and Electrolux EL6988E Oxygen Canister. They may be hard to operate but they’re extremely powerful and efficient at work. Nevertheless, before choosing any particular device, make sure that you read its review, understand its functioning and analyze its suction power before placing your orders.

How to Make Old Wood Floors Look New Again

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There is no denying the fact that hardwood floors can make your house look chic, classy and beautiful. In short, they add value to your home and are definitely worth the investment. However, they can look dull, scratched or worn out over a period of time.

But not to worry! Depending on the type of wood floors you have installed in your home, you can make them look brandishing new again in a matter of few easy, simple and cost-effective steps. You can either get them revitalized professionally or you may even consider doing a simple DIY home renovation project.

Here are a few simple instructions you need to follow in order to make your wood floors shining all over again-

1. Perform an easy test for real hardwood floors

shiny-wood-floorBefore carrying out any restoration procedure, it’s highly recommended that you perform a simple test to determine the reliability of the finish and whether the wood seal can handle a new shining process applied to it.

To carry out this test, you need to place a few drops of water on the most severely worn out areas of your wood floors. If the water drops bead, it means the finish can absorb a new shine and you can happily go ahead with the restoration process.

However, if the water doesn’t bead and turns dark, you may need to consider getting them sanded and refinished professionally.

2. Empty the room and do the necessary cleaning before you start

First empty the room, check the floor for any damages, and if any, do the necessary repairs before you start with your DIY project. Sweep, vacuum and mop the floors well in order to remove all possible dirt sticking on to the surface of the old finish.

However, make sure you don’t use hot and soapy water or any homemade remedies to clean the floors as this only causes more damages to the finish. So it’s important that you clean the floors using a vacuum cleaner best suited for the type of floor you have. Moreover, allow the floor to dry completely before you proceed with any further steps.

3. Abrade the old finish

Use a floor buffer or fine steel wool to gently scrape off the top layer of the old finish. This way, you can ensure a proper mechanical bond between the layers of new and existing finishes. However, make sure you don’t scuff deep, but only light enough to create tiny scratches to the old finish coat. By doing in this manner, the new finish will hold on better to the existing one.

4. Vacuum the dust

Remove all the dirt and grit produced during the scuffing process using a suitable vacuum cleaner. Avoid using a broom to sweep the floor, as it only pushes the dirt further into the cracks on the finish.

5. Apply your finish

It’s always best to apply the same finish that you had previously used. However, in case you don’t remember what was applied earlier, you can perform a simple test to make sure the new finish is completely safe for your hard earned wood floors. First, choose a finish you think would be appropriate for your floor; apply it on a small and isolated area. If after drying completely, the finish doesn’t peel off or blister, the new finish should be absolutely fine. For applying a new coat, use a foam pad applicator as it gives a better finish. You can use a paint brush if you need to focus on edges and corners in particular.

Few tips you need to always keep in mind before you start with the whole renewal process:

  1. Never do the mistake of applying floor wax, if it has a urethane finish.
  2. Don’t use a screen or re-coat on floors with wax finishes as it will only result in giving a blotchy, peeling and not-so-appealing look to your floor.
  3. Although a finish may dry very quickly, but the “cure time” (the time it takes for the finish to harden and fully adhere) may take up to one week depending on the type of finish applied. So it’s better if you wait for three or four days before you move in furniture.
  4. Keep all the windows open and turn on a fan to make sure the room is properly ventilated before working with floor buffers and chemical finishes.
  5. You can maximize the shine on your hardwood floors using mechanical floor buffers. For optimum results, try to operate the buffer in a left-to right pattern.

Refinishing floors is nevertheless a time-consuming, tiring and demanding task. However, once you have accomplished the results you want, all your efforts will be worthwhile!

Are Vacuums The Best Cleaner For Home Use?

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There are numerous methods that you can use for cleaning your home’s floors. These include brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops and several others. Vacuum cleaners are devices that suck up particles on your floor into a collection bag or bin. Its use has resulted to homeowners asking: are vacuums the best cleaners for home use? The following is a look at how these devices are better than their alternatives.


It is now possible to ensure that all particles on your floors and furniture are eliminated. Before the introduction of suction technology, it was practically impossible to achieve such impressive results without repeatedly cleaning your home.


  • Manufacturers of the devices are competing with each other to produce the best device to clean your home. This has resulted to the introduction of modern devices that can exceed your expectations.
  • There are devices that are fitted with brushes that spin when cleaning, which ensure that the fibers on your carpet are finely combed to collect as many particles as possible.
  • You can now own a robotic device that can be placed on the floor, and with the push of a button, your floor gets cleaned.
  • Cyclonic cleaners are desirable because they work by sending a spiral air wave through the cylinder of your device. This ensures that all sucked up particles remain at the bottom part of the cylinder, which prevents them from flying off into the air.

Health and Safety

The use of the gadgets enhances your safety due to the introduction of cordless cleaners. This has effectively eliminated the risk of electrocution, in addition to, making it easier to clean large rooms due to increased mobility. Moving from one room to another when cleaning is also very simplified.

If you or a close member of your family is prone to asthma attacks or other respiratory conditions, using a device with a HEPA filter is advisable when compared to conventional cleaning methods. This is because of the air tight collection mechanism in place to ensure that there is no dust, pest dander or mites that are escape back into your indoor air when cleaning.

There is a considerable reduction of backaches, fatigue and other ailments that are common when using other cleaning methods at home. You can now live a healthier life due to the reduction of visits to a physician, and carry out more household chores because you will rarely feel tired after vacuuming. The fact that it is possible to adjust the height of the device when cleaning, and the presence of light weight cleaners, are important milestones when it comes to ergonomics.


The devices are designed to allow you to clean other areas of your home, in addition to, your floor. You can easily vacuum your furniture upholstery and areas under your seat’s cushions.

Time Consumed

You will use at least 4 times lees time when using the gadgets than manual cleaning methods. This is because of its ability to clean fast, which is enabled by the fitting of a powerful motor.

Floor protection

If your floor is hardwood, it will be protected from scratches and other ugly marks that are left behind when using conventional cleaning techniques such as the use of brooms. This is because the best vacuum cleaners are padded to ensure there is no contact between your floor and the device.


It is now clear that vacuums are the best cleaners for home use. The continuous improvements present when manufacturers unveil new devices, their effectiveness and efficiency is testament to this fact.


How to Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Needs

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Flooring can be an expensive investment that affects the overall look and feel of your home. This is why floor care and maintenance is an important priority. By choosing the right vacuum cleaner, you will be able to keep your flooring looking greater for longer and it will be easier for you to carry out maintenance work. There are various factors to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner other the price and brand.


Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are large machines that the user pushes in front of them. They are a good choice for cleaning carpets as the brush bar beats out the dirt which is then sucked up by the machine. If you have a large house, this is the best type. However, it has a few flaws such as:

  • Height: For tall people, they will have to stoop while using the machine
  • Power: Most of them pull the threads from Berber carpets.
  • Size: It cant get into a small corner
  • Weight: They are usually too heavy and their weight makes it difficult to move them upstairs.


These are small and fairly compact cleaners that have wheels that follow you when using the attached hose. The cylinder vacuum’s cleaning power is usually from the suction. These types of vacuums are usually compact and lightweight and this makes them easy to use on stairs and to be kept upstairs. Due to their small sizes they are easy to move and their design means that they can easily get into tight corners and clean up to the edge of the carpet. The vacuums are also arguably less effective as compared to the uprights. They don’t groom piles on carpets as well. However, if cost is a source of concern, you can find a budget model for less than $100.

Factors to consider

One major factor to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner is comfort. Test drives the gadget before buying. Find out how well the handle works and see if it is comfortable for you to move around in your type of floor. If you suffer from allergy, consider buying vacuum cleaners with High Efficiency Particular Hair (HEPA) filtration system on it so as to filter the dust and have the pet dander sucked in them.

Consider also the noise factor. You may not want a gadget that is overly noisy. There are new types of vacuum cleaners that have insulated materials around the motors that almost soundproof the noise of the vacuum. Other factors that you may need to consider include the number of amps that the vacuum has and the model of the filtration system.

The amps show the amount of power that the machine is using. The filtration levels may also differ from one machine to the other and this may range from zero filtration to sophisticated filtration. Ensure that you buy a vacuum cleaner that meets the demands of your floor surface whether carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum or hardwood floors. When you follow these guidelines, it will be easier to find a vacuum cleaner that meets your needs.